The results of the project are compiled in the booklet "Education for Seniors in Europe" which can be downloaded in pdf format (3.5 MB)

Review Table

 Survey among EFOS member institutions

 February 2014 April 2015

 Simultaneously with the application for the EduSenNet project EFOS started in the spring of 2014 a survey among its members about the present situation in the education of older people. After the start of EduSenNet in December 2014 the collection of data was completed, compiled and evaluated.  The result is displayed below. The interested reader might like to compare these results with those of a previous, similar survey that EFOS held in 2007 (see EFOS News 2007 Nr. 1).

The results of the present survey form the basis for the further activities in the context of the EduSenNet project. A possible second survey among EFOS members, focused on key aspects of future developments in the education for older people, is under discussion.

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