Results Groningen

Student satisfaction survey Groningen

Beginning of 2015 the Senioren Academie Groningen-Friesland-Drenthe conducted a survey among its senior students to investigate their satisfaction with the courses on offer and to get a picture of their special interests and motivations. 

The results can be downloaded here. (pdf file 4.1 MB)

Learning at later age
Desires and motivation of people over 50

In the second phase of the project a questionnaire was set up, aimed at collecting basic information needed in the third phase to formulate recommendations for improved access to learning facilities for a wide range of older people, regardless of background, social status, degree of independence and mobility. 

This questionnaire was handed out to people over 50 to investigate their needs, requirements, experiences, opinions and handicaps with respect to the various forms of learning. This same survey was carried out by all seven partners in their own region. Each partner documented the results in his own report.

The report of the survey in the North of the Netherlands can be downloaded here (pdf format 1.3 MB).